Horse Riding Lessons at Bassingfield Riding School and Livery


Greenfields, Bassingfield, Nottingham, NG12_2LG

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Background image credit: Portable small chair from our cross country course.


Below is a non exhaustive list of some of the main facilities you will find at Bassingfield Riding School & Livery.

Milky jumping the church at a Bassingfield cross country event

Cross Country Course

Bassingfield Riding School & Livery has an excellent cross country course built, designed and maintained by Ed and James.

In its current state it has around 40 jumps but we are always building more.

These range from trakehners of varying height to, coffins, drops, ski jumps, tiger traps, (white) oxers, roll top skinnies, chairs, a gate to open and close, a corner and even a couple of Churches (seen opposite).

We encourage people to try out these jumps, though to do so you must sign the cross country contract and inform a member of staff that you are doing so.

We occasionally run a local hunter trial and encourage people to play a part and have fun.

Floodlit Outdoor Arena

Floodlit Outdoor Arena

20x40m floodlit all weather arena.

Games equipment and arena jumps with easily manoeuvrable plastic wings are available for use by all riding school customers during their lessons and by liveries at any time.

Speaker system with microphone and two large speakers are available on request.

Showjumping paddock

Showjumping Paddock

Available in the summer when the ground conditions are suitable. Fences include water tray, adjustable walls, planks and many other fillers and coloured poles.

Working Hunter Paddock

Working Hunter Paddock

Available in the summer when the ground conditions are suitable.

Course of 15 fences with a wide range of fillers.

Dressage Hunter Paddock

Dressage Paddock

20m x 40m or 20m x 60m dressage boards for use in the summer when ground conditions are suitable.

Grazing at the Brookfields


Over 50 acres of grazing land are available for horses. The grazing fields are rotated so that turnout is possible all year round. The horses are turned out in same sex herds unless an individual paddock is required.

Empty fields are available for riding as long as the ground conditions are not too wet.

Stables at Bassingfield Riding School & Livery


Large stables plus indoor and outdoor pens.

Secure tack room

Tack Room

There is a large secure tack room which is alarmed and triple deadlocked.

Trailer park

Trailer park, box area and livery room

Liveries can keep their trailers at Bassingfield for a small additional fee.

There is an allocated box area for liveries to store their belongings at Bassingfield.

A livery room is available with a kettle, a microwave and cupboards to store food.

For more information on the use of these facilities please contact-us.